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Cam's Corner of the World

The wise Viking knows when to retreat to the longboat

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Camilla Sandman
21 February 1980
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I'm Camilla, often known as Cam. Atheist by choice, left-ish by voting, 32 by age, Norwegian by birth, female by gender. I've got a Bachelor of Journalism and attended the University of Queensland in Brisbane for three years. This makes me sometimes sprout Australian slang and also means I know the rules of cricket. I'm owned by a cat named Ismael. Nowadays I work in the field of education.

I have a younger brother who taught me to love computer games and who I taught to love books. My mum is a librarian by education and my dad a politician when feeling like it, which makes me an opinionated, argumentative book-nerd.

My life is rather normal and uninteresting. I work, devote way too much energy to football (European kind, thank you) and bitch about NSB, Norway's at times very unreliable train service. My ambitions before I die include shagging a Scot, visiting all the continents, working for the BBC, having a plant named for me, publishing a book, petting a shark and taking over the world.

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I like BBC stuff, Once Upon a Time, A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, Fringe, Nikita and Merlin. I still miss Battlestar Galactica and I also hang out in Doctor Who fandom a bit (where I mod time_and_chips, but mod issues should be taken here). I also get a bit fannish about other stuff, like Norwegian things and good movies and interesting books. Used to be active in CSI and Lord of the Rings fandom (yeah, OFUM was mine). Have also been in Water Rats, Star Trek: Voyager, Babylon 5, FlashForward and X-Files fandoms. I get around a bit.

Usually have a ship preference (or two!) and most of the time I'm boring het girl. Exceptions are made. I'm not particularly militant in my shipping these days and have been known to go outside preferences. Hey, good porn fic is good fic. Gimme.

Ships I tend to favour:
Snow White/Prince Charming

I play World of Warcraft and raid a bit. I'm Camillaes, hunter level 90 on Dragonblight, EU. (And a lot of alts!) My ID is camilla.sandman at gmail dot com if you ever want to say hi. Diablo, StarCraft and Skyrim have also been known to interest me.

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Fanfic masterlist

Fanfic masterlist, yo.

Fandoms I write or have written on LJ include Nikita, Fringe, Merlin, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, CSI, Star Trek (reboot), FlashForward and various smatterings. You can also find most of my stuff at fanfiction.net and AO3, old and new. All in all, I've written between over 200 fics, but some I've given the boot for the good of brains everywhere.

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I post about anything that interests me in this LJ. Therefore, it's a merry mix of fandom, fanfic, news, current affair, politics and opinioning, fannish silliness, Norway stuff, wank, random thoughts and just anything that occurred to me to share. It's not so much about my private life - that's not really that interesting anyway.

Simple LJ ways:
- Friend me, I friend you. Defriend me, I defriend you. Exceptions for obvious trolls and other cases. (It is nice if you introduce yourself before or after friending me - easier to tell real people apart from bots that way.)
- 98% of posts are Public Access.
- Anon commenting is currently off due to the influx of bots. Sorry!.
- Make blatant homophobic, racist, sexist or similar hateful remarks/slurs and get banned and/or defriended. It ain't on in this LJ. Also, don't troll links.
- Am atheist by choice, not by ignorance. Attempts at converting just earns trout-smacking.
- E-mail and IMs are listed. Feel free to contact if there's any issues or you just feel like.
- My Twitter, if you want to follow me there.
- My Tumblr.

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